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Feed Your Sammy 1080i

It's been common videophile wisdom that if you own an HDTV that has a native resolution of 720p, you will achieve the best picture quality if you feed it 720p signals. The rationale is that outboard video scalers are generally more capable than internal scalers. This is absolutely not the case ... read more →

An Oasis of Excellent Gameplay

In my effort to find great, short games to play during long data builds at work, I downloaded and played Oasis, an award winner from the 2004 Independent Games Festival. Where Strange Adventures in Infinite Space could be called a five-minute version of Masters of Orion, Oasis could be called a fiv... read more →

Games for Hairdressers

While I was getting a haircut this weekend, the woman cutting my hair mentioned that she was "totally addicted to computer games" right now. When I asked what game she was playing, her answer was Texas Hold 'Em Poker. Intrigued, I asked her several more questions about games, and fou... read more →

A DOS Box for Classic Gaming

I have tons of old games for a variety of systems that I never got around to playing. In search of something I could play while waiting for data builds at work, I reached in to my pile of old games and pulled out Ascendancy, an epic space strategy game circa 1995. Unfortunately, my laptop isn'... read more →

Strange Adventures in Infinite Space

I'm really hooked on the game Strange Adventures in Infinite Space by Digital Eel. The best way to describe it is to say that it's a cross between Spaceward Ho! and the classic Super Star Trek, but… enhanced... so that the entire play experience takes only 15 minutes. This is a great... read more →