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Comparing Audio Attenuators

After installing an OmniFi DMP-1 in my Audi A4, I noticed that that it was overdriving the CD changer input, giving me a slightly noisy sound floor and some noticeable overdrive (distortion) on loud audio tracks. I decided to try a couple of line-level audio attenuators to see if they would help. I... read more →

Upgrading Comcast Cable Modem

My old DOCSIS 1.0 cable modem can't keep up with the new high speeds on Comcast, so I decide to upgrade to a DOCSIS 2.0 modem. I chose the D-Link DCM-202. Compared to my old modem, it is super fast. I'm getting download speeds of well beyond 5 megabits per second (compared with a little ... read more →

Paul Anka Smells Like Teen Spirit

Every once in a while, a respected (and occasionally legendary) singer grabs some popular music, sets it to his own style, and runs with it. Today, that musician is Paul Anka. He's taken a… bizarre… collection of hit rock songs from the 80's and 90's and has done what he doe... read more →

Squirrel Squabble

At the Game Developers Conference earlier this year, a student handed me a production quality DVD case of the game Squirrel Squabble. This weekend, I finally had a chance to install and play the game, and I must say, it is a ton of fun. As a cross between old school action platformers and puzzle s... read more →

Quicktime Player for Windows Sucks

Dear Apple, Your Quicktime Player for Windows sucks. Each time I upgrade iTunes, the Quicktime Player insists on installing a useless tray icon process, even though I disabled it in my previous configuration. Randomly, the Quicktime Player pops a dialog asking me to "upgrade" to a "Pr... read more →

SSH Hacker Attacks

If you run SSH to allow secure remote logins to your server, you've probably noticed a big increase in unauthorized attempted logins. My main Linux box at home has been "under attack" nearly every day for the past 9 or 10 months. There is an article over on whitedust.net describing ... read more →

Still Impressed with Mandrake 10

I'm still impressed with the Mandrake 10 Linux distro (now known as Mandriva). Previously, an install of Mandrake 10 brought an ancient K6-233 back to life for me as a security camera capture system. Alas, the summer heat finally fried the CPU in the K6. I grabbed (yet another) old machine fr... read more →

Enclosure-less Enclosures

Who needs an external USB drive enclosure when you can have this? Barebones USB-IDE Cable with Power Adapter Update: Now I see that there are a few of these available. ... read more →

A Palm on a Wrist

For some reason, I want this watch: Fossil Abacus AU5005 Wrist PDA with Palm OS I have no real use or need for a watch that runs PalmOS , but I want it anyway. It runs an older version of PalmOS (4.1 instead of 5.2). It has a tiny gray-scale screen. There is no Bluetooth . It needs to be recha... read more →