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Shadows of a New Ballpark

The Oakland A's are trying to build a new ballpark in Oakland. While I'm pretty excited about the possibility, something really bothers me about the proposed new design. Check it out below: Notice anything missing? I do: sunshine. Compare the rendering above with the picture from my las... read more →

Thinking of the AVeL LinkPlayer

My friend Brian alerted me to a really interesting multi-format media player from IO Data called the AVeL LinkPlayer. This thing has some very cool features, such as support for several A/V codecs, Ethernet playback (including server software), and attached USB drives. And it only costs about $250... read more →

A Primer on Budget SciFi

Primer is one heckuva cool movie. Two engineers who dabble with physics experiments in their garage make a mind-bending discovery after finding fungus growth on a weeble. Seriously. As many critics have pointed out, Primer is the most reality-grounded SciFi film since Kubrick's 2001: A Space... read more →

Looking for an Everyday Acoustic

I have two acoustic guitars, a Martin Backpacker and a Takamine G330 dreadnought. I like both guitars a lot, but I'm looking for something a little easier to play, and more versatile and durable as an "everyday guitar." The Martin Backpacker is a cool little guitar. It even sounds l... read more →

Sportin' a FlexFit

I picked up a new baseball hat at the company store last week. Rather than having an adjustable fit, the hat has spandex band around the base. One size fits all, and it seems to fit my head fine. Upon reading the label inside the hat, I noticed that the brand is called FlexFit, and get this: the ... read more →