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PlayStation 2 Controller Range

Every time I use my PlayStation 2 , I need to roll my video game cart closer to the sofa because the standard PS2 DualShock 2 controller cable is too short. I don't have this problem with the long cable on the Xbox Controller S, or with the brilliant Wavebird wireless controller on the GameCu... read more →

Buying Agendus Mail

After trying Snappermail and Versamail as email client apps for my Zodiac, I decided to take a look at an email client I already had: iambic Mail. I've been using iambic Mail since I bought a copy of the original iambic Office several years ago for my Sony Clie. I use it to sync my email on my... read more →

Learn Filmmaking from The Toxic Avenger

The Toxic Avenger , from Troma Studios is a great movie if you like superhero - special effects - comedy - low budget - B-movie films. I find it fascinating how films like that and Class of Nuke 'Em High could be made in the age of Hollywood blockbusters. Lloyd Kaufman, the co-founder of Trom... read more →

Healthy Hard Resets on Zodiac

The Tapwave Zodiac is the fourth PalmOS device I've owned and used extensively. Without exception, I've found that doing an occasional hard reset on the device helps performance and recovers wasted RAM. Before you hard reset, make sure you do a complete HotSync and backup, and note any spe... read more →

Plumbing for Answers

Plumbing is an easy job, done in the most awkward location. I spent a rare day off on a lovely Sunday morning crawling under the house and in the attic repairing a cracked waste pipe. Why didn't I just call a plumber to do this for me? Because, for the second time, I had to repair a job botche... read more →

Classic Gaming: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Coinciding with the film release and the BBC 4 radio show of Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the BBC created a huge web site repository of Hitchhiker stuff. The coolest thing there? A fully playable version of the original Infocom Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy game... read more →

Samsung HL-R4667W Service Menu Defaults

A poster named blackdiamond generously posted the service menu settings for his Samsung HL-R5667W DLP set on avsforum. I compared these with the service menu settings on my HL-R4667W [samsung1080i, samsunghlr4667wservicemenu, samsunghlr4667w, samsungpronto, samsunghlr4667wsettings, exchangesamsung]... read more →

DJ Satan Runs VenusMusic

As I've mentioned in a previous entry, a few years ago I wrote some open-source Linux MP3 server software called Venus Music Server. I posted it on SourceForge, where its had a over a thousand downloads. Today I got an email telling me that a nicely modified version of Venus Music is used to ... read more →

Choosing the Right Light Bag

I like to travel light, so I try to carry the smallest, lightest bags possible. However, I tend to carry a lot of gadgets, which can include any number of the following: Cel Phone PDA Laptop iPod GameBoy (or DS / PSP) Digital Camera Assorted Cables Various Power Converters When I need to carry al... read more →

Just Another Saturday at Best Buy

I stopped by Best Buy after work on Saturday to buy a new DVD player and ask about calibrating my new DLP [samsung1080i, samsunghlr4667wservicemenu, samsunghlr4667w, samsungpronto, samsunghlr4667wsettings, exchangesamsung] set. Here's how the experience went with Best Buy's Blue Shirt crew:... read more →

Star Wars EP1 and EP2 DVD Quality

Regardless of your opinion about Star Wars Episode 1, The Phantom Menace , one thing thing about the film is without debate: the picture quality of the EP1 DVD is absolutely awful. The disk is chock full of everything you can do wrong with production of a DVD. Edge enhancement is apparent everywhe... read more →

Comparing DLP and PC DVD Picture Quality

When I watched a few scenes from my DVD reference disk (House of Flying Daggers) on my new DLP [samsung1080i, samsunghlr4667wservicemenu, samsunghlr4667w, samsungpronto, samsunghlr4667wsettings, exchangesamsung] set, I was disappointed in the picture quality. I could see lots of noise ("mosqui... read more →